December 5th, 2007



All right internet, COUGH UP!!!

I have seen at LEAST four places now where somebody posts a photo of a sunbeam snake, and says something like "This used to be a cryptid, and then they found one, and now we know they're real, hooray for cryptozoology."

But NOBODY has the story. What was the legend? What did people say about it? It's not a cryptid just because nobody knows about it, that's called "an unknown species." A cryptid has stories. People talk about it. People know about it, and believe in it or disbelieve it. Yetis are cryptids. Theose cool little treefrogs that somebody discovered on an expedition to the middle of nowhere last year are not cryptids. The difference is that Yetis had stories and the little tree frogs did not. All these sites go "woo, cryptid" but not a ONE of them has the actual story. Who was telling legends? Who disbelieved? When was the truth found?

I'm pretty much 99% certain at this point that the whole thing is bunk and science has never disbelieved in the xenopeltis. They're not the least bit rare or uncommon in their native habitat, as far as I can tell. They're certainly not endangered, you can legally export/import them! (Which is a good thing for my desire to get one.) They're weird looking, and not known to the general public here in the USA, and I'm betting some random schmuck found a photo of one, said "ooo, shiny" and called it an ex-cryptid, because it looks like the kind of thing somebody might tell a story about. But honestly! I've found a forum where there's some guy from Thailand going "WTF is this snake that I found in my yard, will it eat my children?" And the people identify it as a Xenopeltis and say it's harmless. If it turns up in random guys' yards, it is not a cryptid, and never has been one.

Grrr. WHY do the cryptozology sites have literally nothing whatsoever but one single photo (always the same one) and "woo, cryptid"? *pokes at them* They are run by stupid people.

Also, I have found a site that lists a Xenopeltis for sale, but the site doesn't show any certain signs of being kept up to date. I've e-mailed them anyhow, and I can hope. *crosses fingers* but I'm trying not to hope too much.
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I found them! Gleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! They're wild caught, and I would prefer to get captive bred, so I'm still going to do a little asking around before purchasing, just in case, but this means that no matter what happens, I have a source for Xenopeltis. *does a little dance*


Now I just have to sell all the Windstones and ponies. Anybody want a dragon? Maybe a griffin? A unicorn? Flapcat? All yours, for, er... not low prices, sadly. *grin*
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The universe hates me, I swear!

So I found my xenopeltis. Glee and joy and happy. But you know, better do all the sensible things. Let's ask the seller a few questions, lets check the reptile communities for this guy's reputation, all that jazz...

*sigh* Turns out the fellow with my xenopeltis is a horrible businessperson. There's a thread on the fauna Board Of Inquiry about him, where he ripped off several people, or so they claim, and he's in the thread, throwing around insults and refusing to answer people's questions, and making wild claims, and just generally behaving childishly. Nobody said he'd ripped them off on a snake he already had in stock, it was mostly getting in new snakes special, or refusing to pay his importers, or other such large transactions, so it's possible my small order would be happily filled, but still...

And then there's his response (it was prompt, I'll give him that!) to my questions about parasites, in which he said that xenopeltis don't react well to the medication, so he doesn't medicate them unless they show symptoms. Something like 99% of wild caught snakes have parasites. Treating them for it is totally standard, and I have a hard time picturing the medication being that harmful. He should just admit he's too cheap to spring for it. At $45 a snake, I'd take that excuse better than I'd take some bs about the medication being dangerous. Oh and he says he's never even heard of them being captive bred, so either he's not bothered to reserach the species at all, or he's just trying to pressure me into thinking he's my sole source.

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Good comic

I'm a little bored, and while sewing I'm reading through the archives of Girl Genius for about the... fourth time, I think? Something like that. It's really good, so I figured I should share. It does start out a little on the slow side, and also on the weird side, as it just dives straight into the story, without bothering to explain anything. But it all becomes clear as you go along, and the further it goes, the better it gets. (And in my opinion, the better the art gets too. The first chapter is black and white, but they get a colorist by the time the second chapter starts, and then appear to upgrade to a better one at some point, which helps, but all the little layout and design stuff just keeps going from awesome to even more awesome, the further it goes.) I fully intend to buy the entire set of books in print form someday, but for now I enjoy reading the comic on line. It updates religiously, the artist is a complete professional in every sense of the word, so there's none of the Piro-esque flailing about, when it's time for a new comic, a new comic is there. I suspect, given the layout and pacing of the story, that he actually draws them quite a long while in advance.

It's pretty much the best steampunk story I've ever read, so for any of you out there who don't read it all ready, go, check it out!
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