January 9th, 2008



One spotty cat, all finished.

Well, except I keep forgetting that I haven't sewn the neckflap up until I notice it flapping loose in photos, darn it. Oh well. And I may make the tail a little larger if the customer wants me to.

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On critique

I have had several people now imply that I can't handle hearing anybody say anything but happy-fuzzy compliments of my fursuit work.

I am going to explain why I get annoyed, upset, and pissed-off when I get public crits of my fursuits.

It goes like this: Fursuit making is how I pay the bills. It is my job. I have no fall back, no day job, no other source of income at all. So when I post my fursuits to a public community do you know why I'm doing it? It's NOT to improve my fursuiting work. I do that in other ways. (And yes, I am always trying to improve, I know I'm not perfect yet.) I am posting because I want more customers, so that I can pay the rent. So when there's a negative comment, especially when it's the very first comment there, it completely undermines what I'm trying to do, which is trying to sell the suit. I want everybody to see only good things, so that they will want one like it, and will give me money so I can afford to live.

This is not insecurity. This is trying to make a freaking living.

Also, probably 90% of the so-called critique I get is from people who are less experienced than I am and don't know what the flip they're talking about, or is simply a matter of style and taste. I go out of my way to NOT have my work look like anybody else's, so getting crits based on how other fursuiters choose to do things is worse than useless. Nobody ever gives me technical critiques that would actually be useful, it's all "You should use plastic bowl eyes" "You should have bigger noses" "You should use fur instead of wigs" Yadda, yadda, yadda. None of that helps my improve my abilities, if I took that advice I'd be different, but not better. Switching stylistic stuff like that just means that I'd look like every Latin Vixen wannabe out there. Screw that.
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