January 18th, 2008


OMG want


So shiny... sooooooooooooshiny. *drools*

If it weren't ending so soon, I'd offer to make like... paws or a plush or one of those hand-painted tails, or something worth $100-$150-ish for anybody who bought it for me, but sadly I suspect that by the time this is read by most folks, it will be sold. (Should anybody read this before it closes, and have such a mad urge, hey, feel free to bid.) But ah well. Hardly the end of the world, but DANG is that pretty! And huge! I wonder if these turn up very often? The fact that it's lab made means theoretically they could. But in my previous scouting about for gemstones this is the largest lab-made star gem I've run into, I think. It's certainly the only one of that clarity and size on ebay right now.