February 26th, 2008



I'm skimming off some of my gems to resell and make back a bit of the rather silly total that I've spent on gems recently.

A few of these are crappy quality, but most were picked just because they're duplicates, and why do I really need six identical padparadschas anyhow?

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I don't have carat weights for these yet, which is why I'm not just slapping them up on ebay. Gems sell best when you can give precise weights. I can say that none of these are specks, they're all big enough to not worry about losing, I haven't culled out any of the specks yet. Anyhow, if anybody is interested, or has any questions about specific stones, ask away! I can measure them, or get photos next to familiar objects if needed. I've ordered a jeweler's scale, so I'll be weighing and formally selling these things eventually, but I know a few of you reading enjoy gems as well, so I thought I'd offer them up. Make me an offer! None of these are terribly expensive.