March 17th, 2008


Oooooooooooo, shiny! Drool! MUST HAVE!

Okay. I should not be allowed on ebay... but I've found some things I want. And since just now I REALLY can't just buy most of these, but I do still want them, I thought I'd offer one of those deals. I will make you a fursuit, pony custom, or Windstone PYO item worth TWICE the price you pay for any of the following items, if you buy it for me.

Ruby in Zoisite spheres:

Labradorite spheres: Pretty much anything here that's not a bead. No beads, please. Same thing, any of these that's not a bead. THIS! MUST HAVE. That's the one I want most. Anybody who buys this one for me I will love forever! also fills me with love. LOVE!

Pietersite spheres

Malachite spheres


Okay, I should stop there...... Anyhow, I will even extend this deal to the big stuff, if you want a fursuit head, you could pick out a selection of these things adding up to half the price I normally charge, and I would definitely take that deal. A full suit, well... so long as you don't mind it taking a while, I'd have to do it as a personal project, after the quad suit is done, but if you want to, go ahead! $600 worth of shinies can get you a complete $1200 full suit. I would be very happy to get $600 worth of shinies. Oh yes.

Anybody interested in cutting a deal for one of these can drop me a comment or an e-mail.


Just for the information of everybody who was interested in opals, I DID get my hands on the wholesale lot of them that I was hoping to get, so they'll be headed out to me in a day or so, and I should have them within the next week, give or take a few days. I'll post here when they arrive so that everyone who has claimed one has a chance to pick one out right away.