March 25th, 2008


"I'm broke" plush special

Hey all! I'm broke*. I'd like some immediate cash, so I thought I'd just put up a little sale. Right now I will make a CUSTOM Loonakit of your fursona, or your favorite animal, or whatever, for the $15 I normally charge for the random Loonakits. That's $10 less than the regular custom price of $25.

Loonakits are like plush sketches. Small, and cute, and they don't take me long to make, so anybody who orders one right now will get it within about two weeks. (Unless you live overseas, shipping can take a little longer.)

There are some limitations, both because complicated markings can't be crammed onto something that small, and because really complex stuff takes extra time, so I have to charge more, but even if you have a very complicated character, I can still give you the $10 off.

Anybody interested, comment or drop me a note or e-mail.

*I'll spare you all the sob story, if you don't already know it, but this has been a very expensive month.