March 27th, 2008


A warm tones kirin

Today has been busy! Here's the third, and last, project finished today. Though I may yet do a little work on the fox pelt, which I need to finish this week. Or not, I probaby have earned a break.

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Oh look, more shinies

Well, things have reached the point where I'm cannibalizing the old hobby to pay for the new. :) So I've skimmed off a TON of my gemstones, including a lot of really nice ones, and stuck them up on ebay in random grab bag lots. I'm sorry for not offering them all here first, but I've noticed that the random grab bag thing sells pretty well, and if I'd offered them here first, I'd probably sell most of the nice pieces, leaving whoever buys the grab bags stuck with just junk, which isn't really fair, and not a good way to keep my feedback rating high either. So you get to take your chances with everybody else, I'm afraid, if you want something from this batch.

I do, however, have something just for my good friends and loyal lj readers, which is tiger's eye mini-spheres! $4 each, plus $3 shipping, or $6 for priority.

Pretty, aren't they? They're not perfect, most stone spheres aren't, at least within the budget of folks like you and I. But they're all quite nice and shiny.

More stuff yet to come, of course. I'm still waiting on opals, mystic topaz, and more mini spheres, for starters, so if you just want to add to your tab (or start a tab) that's fine, no need to order now.
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