March 31st, 2008



So... just poking around in ponies, and following somebody's auctions led me to pokemon. I have an almost complete set of the early cards. (Cards from 99 up to 2002, roughly.) I could probably spend a few bucks and have at least the first four sets complete, I suspect. Mint condition and everything. Sadly perusing further reveals that they're really not that popular anymore. I remember when Charizard was worth $50. *chuckles* Looks like I can get him for about five now. Makes me wonder if listing the set would be worth it. I'm not sure I'd want to list the whole thing all at once, and yet I AM sure that I don't want to go through and list the individual cards, I'd be years doing it! Eh. Dunno. There's really not much point in holding on to them. Though I suppose it's possible that the younger generation will someday be mad to collect them, in the way my generation is mad to collect things from the 80s. It's not as if they take up space. I'm just on on ebaying kick, and I'm trying to decide if listing them now is worth it or not.

Also, on the subject of selling things... I've decided I don't want to make customs that smell. I thought it might not bug me, but I think it does. I can get random G3 bait lots super cheap on ebay, so keeping random bait ponies I'll never use is pointless. So anybody want a MIB Strawberry Surprise, Chocolate Chipper or Paradise Island? Scented strawberry, chocolate, and pina colada, respectively. I paid $4 for each of 'em. If nobody here wants them, I'll go stick them up on ebay.

New stuff came today!

Here's the new stuff!

Shipping is $1 as usual, unless you get a mini-sphere, they're too big to put into a regular envelope, so shipping is $3 if you include one of those. Sorry about that. As always, things may be combined with previous purchases, or may be held to combine with future lots, though I don't anticipate a huge variety of gemstones any time soon, most of my orders have now arrived. Lots more mini-spheres coming though!

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