May 6th, 2008



I'm back, and I expect to ship out a HEAP of stuff tomorrow, so odds are if you're waiting on a tail, it'll be in the mail then. Loonakits still aren't quite done, sorry folks! They should be very soon. I'm a bit behind, and I'm trying to catch up, but I can only sew so much in a day.

Also, please, please, please do not ask me for updates every day, okay? My patience is long, but I come to the end of it eventually. If I have given you a promised deadline, I will meet said deadline. Asking for updates does not make me sew faster. In fact it makes me sew slower, because I am talking to you, and not sewing.

To those who have been patient with me and with all the delays in the last month or so, THANK YOU!
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I now have a complete, detailed plot outline for Blood Choice. Mwa ha haha! Yes, I will be writing every minute I'm not sewing this week.

ALSO! Because I have so much material ready, I will be updating Blood Choice every single day, starting with tomorrow. (Or rather tonight, I shall update before going to bed.)



Blood Choice is up and running. Given that the writing is now several pages into part four, and the current update is only a bit more than half way through part one, I don't expect to have to pause with the daily updates until we reach the end of the story. So enjoy.

P.S. Total wordcount has topped 50k. I have now officially written enough in a single storyline to be a novel. Go me!
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