May 7th, 2008



Would whoever ordered the green and black wolf tail drop me a line? I seem to have gotten my wires crossed. It's on my project list here, but I can't find any record of it actually being ordered, or paid for, or anything.

Sheesh. Normally I'm not this disorganized, I swear! These last few weeks have really been bad.


Right! All the tails are boxed up. Most of them are addressed. I will mail all the ones I have addresses for in about fifteen minutes.

If you have ordered and paid for a tail from me, more than a week ago, and you do not get your tail within about a week from today, it's one of three things:

1. The postman lost it. I've mailed out literally thousands of packages though, and only lost the one international one, and even that one turned up eventually, so this is unlikely. If by some freak chance this does happen, I will replace your tail.

2. I managed to lose the record of your payment. This is also unlikely, but given how scatterbrained I've been this month, it's possible. Contact me! But before you contact me, please check the inbox (and the junk mail folder) of the e-mail you use for paypal, and make sure there isn't a message from me, because the more likely thing is...

3. ...that you sent me a payment that didn't have an address attached, and I don't know where to send your tail. Just let me know where it's going and I'll get it out asap. And apologies if you did send an address by IM or by another e-mail, I really have a hard time keeping track of customers who use more than one name/address.

People who ordered tails this week... sorry. I have a heap of people who have been waiting way longer then you for their Loonakits, and a full suit with digitigrade plus a set of paws that have a hard deadline in about two weeks, and so your stuff is on the back burner. It shouldn't be more than a couple of weeks before I can get to them, but I make no promises.
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