June 2nd, 2008


Dancing Mad

Someday somebody needs to do a full orchestral version of Dancing mad. With a real pipe organ and a choir and the whole nine yards.

Also, someday somebody needs to do a good rock version, with some real guitar and some better synth.

As is the best version I've found so far is... well, the first 9 minutes are half-baked synth with some instrumentation choices that I just don't agree with, and then the final 3 minutes are electric guitar awesome. I can kind of understand why the guitar wasn't through the whole piece, but they could have done a lot more with it. (This is the Black Mages version.)

Every other version of it I've seen is either techno (no, just no) or crappy.

If anybody knows of a good version of Dancing Mad that I might not have heard, feel free to pass it along to me. :)
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    Squaresoft - FF VI - Dancing Mad