June 10th, 2008


I lied

Okay, so I didn't finish Blood and Fire before moving on to the Dragon Queen stuff. So sue me.

Anyhow, I just polished off what is now Chapter 11 of book one, Dragon Child, which ends more or less where Chapter 19 stops on the currently posted version, but comes to a better halt, so to speak. I was going to go on, but honestly they divide up much better if I put the next little bit with book two, Dragon City. (Book three is Dragon Bard. Dragon Queen is the name of the whole set together, and honestly by modern standards they could probably be published as a single book, but eh. I'm doing 'em as a trilogy, mostly just because I've always wanted to write a trilogy.

Anyhow, Dragon Child has 88,083 words, and is more or less done, though I still need to do some basic editing here and there. It's got a good bit of the original text in it, but a good bit of new stuff too. (I still wish I could remember how Janus's original task went, darn it! But the one he has now is suitably epic, so I suppose I'll have to be content with that.)

Now I just have to decide... Publish the new Blood and Fire once Blood Choice is done, or publish Dragon Child?