July 17th, 2008



Got back yesterday afternoon, actually, but our internet was down last night. Go figure. Anyhow, I have returned! But today needs to be a serious work day. Lots to do! I have a bodysuit to finish today, and a head to start, I think. I also might finish a kirin pony, and maybe do the sculpting on a few more, I have a whole batch of them in the works right now, which I think I'll be raffling off on the pony arena when I get them all done, along with some other stuff.

Anyhow, work now.


Got the bodysuit done, except for the zipper. Turns out I need a 16" one. An 18" one maybe could be made to work. I have nothing but 20" though. Whoops. Buy more later. I also got the head frame made, so now I can fuss about with eyes and teeth and foam and things tomorrow. I am still behind though. I've been behind since May. :( At least it's not getting any worse just now though. I'm trying to get caught up, but I'm not making people any promises about it. But still, got a good bit done today.

AND! I got all of the sculpting on six out of seven kirin ponies done! And most of the painting on one of them too. Woot. It is flipping awesome! I'd take photos, but I'm not sure where the camera ended up after our camping trip. I'll have to go find it. But trust me, it looks filpping awesome. I just have to add interference colors, and do the eyes and fangs and then add the fluff.