July 30th, 2008


Thought I'd let my friends list in on this sale too. :)

Going to a gem show this weekend, and I need a few bucks to spend. So if you can pay by paypal before Friday, I will give you half off any of my pre-made tails, or 1/3 off any custom tail order. Offer also includes Loonakit plushes!

Pre-made tails are here:

Examples of custom tails I can make are here:

Pre-made lookakits are here:

Examples of custom loonakits I can make are here:

Pre-made tails can ship as early as tomorrow, custom tails take from one to three weeks. Shipping is $5 on any normal tail, $8 on any jumbo tail and $20 on any giant tail.

Post here or e-mail me at spark.costumes@gmail.com if you're interested.