August 6th, 2008



My mahjongg nagware version has passed the point of obnoxious and reached the point where I went looking for a version I could just buy. Sadly I couldn't find anything I could get for less than $20, and most of the decent ones were more like $25, and while I like mahjongg, I a.) can't bring myself to pay $25 for solitaire, and b.) don't have the money anyhow. I could spend $10. I might even pry loose $15 if it was particularly nice, but not $25.

So anyhow... wondering if anybody reads this and plays, and can point me at a decent version? Free preferably, but not Kyodai Mahjong, because I'm tired of being nagged at to buy the game every ten moves. No, that is not exaggeration, literally every ten moves. Nagging at start or nagging with each new round, fine. Every ten moves? Not fine.

Ability to shuffle is a MUST. I have this crazy OCD thing where I cannot leave a round unfinished and just start a new one if I get stuck. I must shuffle and finish it, even if I have to shuffle an embarrassing number of times! Pretty tile sets are a plus.