August 30th, 2008


Pimping my writing

Oh look, yet another of my fund raising schemes!

If you've been reading my daily story posts, and you'd like to stop reading by pages and just get everything I currently have ready to post all in one go, now you can! The whole package is $15, or you can buy just the parts you're interested in. Details here:

ALSO! I am selling two character insertions, and one starring role! This is something I don't do often. (I've sold exactly this, two insertions and one story, in all the time I've done writing, so this is a chance that will probably be a while in coming again.) You can get yourself or one of your characters featured in The Dragon Queen, Blood and Fire, or a Rhiannon sort story. $25 per character, two available. You can also get a starring role in a short story written for and about you. $50, only one available. (No porn, story must be set in one of my settings. It's a lot of work writing for a new character, without also having to write in a totally new setting. Some exceptions may be made, so if you are interested, ask.)

Paypal, check, money order, and cash accepted. Questions welcome.