November 14th, 2008


Ah, the joys of being broke.

I forgot the one thing I want most for Christmas, but am really least likely to get. A baby rainbow boa! (Brazillian by preference, though Columbians are pretty neat too.) I have the setup and everything, since I moved my ball python Anthony up a tank size. I just lack the snake itself. But at a pricetag from $100 plus whatever shipping is for a slightly dubious Columbian purchased over the net to $220 for a lovely if shy Brazilian from the local reptile place, they are very much out of my reach right now. There are many other things that are a higher priority just now, sadly.

Someday though!
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    Crosby, Stills & Nash - Long Time Gone

Web novel

Dragon Child is updating again, go read!

And in other news, I think the move has killed NaNo. I have no energy to spare, after packing and lifting and lifting some more and unpacking, and then sewing and working, and urgh. The writing is just not happening. Maybe next year.