November 29th, 2008


Last call

It's now the 29th of November. So anybody who wants to order something for Christmas has today and tomorrow, and then Christmas commissions are closed.

Just FYI.


I'd just like to ask that if anybody has issues with a costume I've made them, particularly if something has broken, even if you don't feel it's worth sending it back to fix, I would appreciate hearing about it. I want to be constantly improving my work, and I find it very frustrating when I find I've been making the same mistake, and causing all my customers the same problem for a very long time, and nobody has let me know about the problem so that I can fix it.

In *cough* rather related news, if you have a suit from me that has "follow me" buckram eyes, you may want to consider doing something to add additional sealant to the eyes, because apparently the sealant I was using isn't perfectly waterproof, and they can bleed if you sweat in the suit. I haven't had it pop up as a problem in my personal suits, but I'm not really that sweaty, and only one of them has that style of eyes.

If anybody has had an issue with this, I am willing to replace the eyes with 100% non-bleeding eyes, if you want to ship your head in to me, although adding a coat of spray artist's sealant, or clear spray enamel should also fix the problem. Just remember to mask off the rest of the head, so you don't also accidentally enamel your fur. :)

(Edited to remove unneeded ranting.)
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