December 16th, 2008


Snowed in!

Well, not really, but it's looking like if the weather forecast is right there will be snow and ice on the ground for the rest of the week. There are no snowplows here, the roads are simply compacting into solid, slippery, very unsafe ice. They've cindered them, but that only helps so much, unfortunately, and I have a phobia about cars that frankly is escalated into sheer heart-pounding terror by this ice sending cars sliding around. I don't want to be out on the roads even as a passenger until the snow is all gone.

So this is a small head's up that between the snow and Christmas and such I'm not really sure when I'll next be able to mail out stuff. I've send off everything that's critical right now, but my next mail out may not be until after the holidays are over.

I feel the need for arts!

Just what the topic says. And I'm wondering what people think of art contests? I've always been ambivalent about them. On the one hand, the person doing the contest gets lots and lots and lots of art, but only does art for one winner, which seems unfair. But on the other hand, nobody is forced to participate, and the prize is often something better than one single drawing. I suppose I should just ask if anybody might be interested? Prize would probably be something small, like a tail and ear set, or a couple of Loonakits, since I don't have the time to do big projects in trade, given how booked up I am.


Art contest

What the heck! I'm having an art contest. Here's the rules:

One first prize of your choice of an unlimited tail and ear set, or two loonakits.
Two second prizes of your choice of a basic tail, or one loonakit.
Any number of honorable mentions and "booby" prizes for things I like and find interesting.

February 7th is the due date for all art. I will announce winners on Feb 8th, and will make and send out prizes by the end of February. You can turn in your art at any point from right now up until midnight pacific time on the 7th. You can also feel free to discuss your art and ideas with me beforehand, particularly if you're uncertain if something is okay, or want additional references or clarifications on how something should look.

Things I do NOT want to see:
Absolutely no sex. None. Nope. Nada. Also no really out there fetishes. Vore, cub, and scat are right out.

Things I am okay with:
Violence is fine so long as it is not extremely gory. (Blood is good, loving renditions of gaping wounds are probably okay, but getting kinnd of iffy, and innards showing on the outside are right out!) Flirting and innuendo are fine. Non-sexual nudity is fine, as is cheesecake, but I really don't want to see explicit views of aroused genetalia. Seriously. Tasteful is the word here. If you know me well enough to know my tastes in "kinky" and odd things, feel free to draw them, if you don't... ask before doing anything fetish related, please.

Theme: My characters doing stuff.
Yes, I know it sounds very vague. But I lean very far towards letting artists come up with their own ideas, I feel I get better art that way. Also I have a fair number of static portraits by now, and I think it will be interesting to have some action shots! It doesn't have to be dynamic action, but it does need to be doing something other than simply standing still. So there you are. If you want to include more than one of my characters, feel free. If you want to include your characters, feel free. If you want to include my boyfriend, you may wish to ask first, to be sure he's also okay with what you're doing, and get references.

Digital media or traditional media are both okay by me. If you do traditional media, I would love to own the original, and will happily pay for postage on any and all traditional media pictures. If you want to get weird and do sculpture, sewing, performance art, or something else funky and strange, feel free.

I will be judging based on three criteria. First and foremost is effort and execution. Drawings with time invested in them will be considered above quick sketches, and while I do not mean to be any sort of snob by it, those executed with skill are more likely to win, that's just how art contests go. (I don't mean this to be discouraging! I'm giving out three concrete prizes, and all sorts of praise and publicity as well to anybody who does something that I find interesting or enjoyable in any way! So even if you're no Dark Natasha, that doesn't mean you shouldn't enter.) Second is creativity. Have you drawn the character(s) doing weird stuff, interesting stuff, or some sort of novel take on "doing" or on "stuff"? These things are likely to catch my interest. Third is simply what catches my eye, what makes me laugh, and what I find to be aesthetically pleasing, even if it's something that is very simple, or something that's not wildly creative. I can't really sum this one up, other than to say that I'll know it when I see it. Notice that I do not list perfect accuracy in depicting my characters here. I am honestly very flexible about that. The reference art is a starting point, not a Bible to be copied exactly. If I wanted them drawn how I draw them, I'd just draw them myself!

The disclaimer:
Any art entered in this contest will recieve my profound thanks and gratitude, regardless of how quick and sketchy it is, how good it is, or any other criteria. (I mean, unless you break the rule above and draw me porn, or vore, or something like that, then I'm going to say rude things to you.) But I can't give a prize to everybody. I don't want anyone to feel the least bit pressured to enter. Enter only if you're going to have fun doing this! I would hate for somebody to pour tons of work into an entry, and then feel cheated because they didn't win first place. If you can't be happy if you don't win, you may not want to enter. Given the small prize I'm awarding I don't expet a ton of entries, but I am pretty sure I'll get more than three.

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P.S. If I get a whole ton of entries, (more than a dozen) I will add more second prizes, just to increase people's chances.