January 4th, 2009


Hard decisions

Well, it's January, and I have to call it. I'm not going to be at Further Confusion this year.

I know this is going to make some people pretty sad. I'm sorry for that. But honestly it's a bit of a load off my mind. It means that I don't have to find space in the next three weeks to sew 35 fox tails, for one thing. It also means that I don't have to stress about what happens if somehow I didn't sell 35 fox tails, which is the bare minimum number I would have to sell just to break even on the cost of going, and that's with treating the price on said tails as 100% profit!

Finances are the main reason why I've had to say no. I'd be borrowing money in order to get there and paying it back from my at-con income. And as I missed getting a booth the first go around, and I can't get a 100% certain answer on if I'll get off the waiting list and get a space until literally the day before the con, I just had to weigh the odds and weigh my personal situation, and my decision was that I can't justify it. As fun as it would be, and as great as the publicity would be, the risk of ending up in debt just isn't worth it.

That and there is something else that's much more important looming on the horizon which may shortly be sucking up time and money. :) (If you know what I mean, no telling!)

Public Service Announcement

90% of the fursuits I make are NOT designed by me. I make them according to my customer's designs. So would people please stop telling me how to improve my designs? They're not mine! I can't change them! I just do what I'm paid to do, okay? If you want to critique my design work, you can comment on my personal suits, but anything I've made for a customer, it is not my fault if it's a design monstrosity.

P.S. Okay, there is one non personal suit that I designed. Loooooooooong long ago I made a red dragon suit for a customer who said "I want a dragon, with red, grey, smoke and fire-ish things, make up something." Someday, someday it will happen again. Someday, and that day will be a happy day.
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