January 7th, 2009



This is Mystic Rainbow Darkowl. She is not a sparkledog, everybody is doing sparkledogs and I wanted to be special and unique and different. So she is a sparklecat. Also I can't draw canines at all. But that's not why she is a sparklecat, it is because she is special! And unique! And different! She is a griffin/dragon/unicorn. Her mother was a special, rare tiger/owl griffin, who are the rulers of all the griffins, so she is a griffin princess. Her father was a half dragon, half unicorn, and he was an outcast from all the dragons and all the unicorns, because they hated him for being a halfbreed. Also he had a battle with a demon once, so he has demonic wounds that never heal, and there's dark demon magic in him, so Mystic has a little bit of dark demon magic. It is very dark and scary sometimes, and makes her eyes turn red. In fact her eyes change color all the time, depending on what she's feeling. Also, she is even more special and unique and different than her siblings are, because her stripes are rainbow colored. All of her siblings had ordinary black stripes, like her mother, but because she's so special, she was born with rainbow stripes and her mane and tail are rainbow too. Oh and she is also a vampire, because she fell in love with an evil vampire, and she tried to save him from being evil, but he couldn't help being evil, so he bit her and turned her into a vampire, and then she had to heroically kill him to save everybody else from him, but she still loves him, even though he's dead, and even though he was evil. But because she's so magical, sunlight doesn't hurt her and in fact she doesn't have any of the vampire weaknesses, she doesn't even really need blood, except sometimes when she's evil (and remember her eyes turn red!) then she just wants to take blood from people, so she is really evil sometimes, which makes her even more special. And of course being a vampire means she's immortal, so she will live forever, but sometimes this makes her depressed because she's afraid she'll hurt somebody she loves when she's evil, and they won't be able to kill her, because of course sunlight and stakes don't hurt her, so she is all tormented and stuff.

(Yes, this is parody. Though I couldn't bring myself to do the raver accessories and ipod thing. I do fantasy animals, I wouldn't know how to draw all that stuff correctly, even as parody. Also, even though I poke fun at them, I like sparkledogs! At least well drawn ones. I just can't take them seriously, that's all. If anybody can point me at any good sparkledog artists, I'll have gobs of fun browsing their galleries, I've only found a couple so far. Sorry it's not colored, I can't color worth beans, but you can sort of picture an explosion in a paint factory, and you're probably not far off.)
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