January 19th, 2009


Serious art is serious.

I just realized that since I tacked the first kirjak onto the end of a bunch of personal rambling, most people reading this didn't see it. Ooops! So here it is again. Click for a larger version if you want to get all the detail.

And here's the one I just now finished inking. I really suggest looking at the large version on this one.

This is my kirjak. He's a character I recently invented. He's a muntjak-based kirin. Kirins being oriental unicorns and muntjak being fanged deer. So he's a fanged unicorn deer. His details vary a ton, you can see that just between these two drawings. The constant features are the muntjak body and face, (and fangs!) the single muntjak horn, the long flowing tail, and the wings. Though exactly what kind of tail and what kind of wings might vary. For these drawings I actually referenced a saluki tail, and pigeon wings. In the first I also used a goat for the mane/beard, while in the second I used a lion's mane, and added carp scales. He also has anthro and anime-style "uni-boy" versions, which I may draw eventually, though I'm not as good at bipeds as I am at quadrupeds. I also intend to color these eventually. The second one was drawn on watercolor paper just for that purpose, in fact, because I realized that it needed watercolor, but the paper the first one was on really isn't paper I could paint on, but first I have to do some practice, my water color skills are way rusty. If I had money I might hire somebody to do some digital coloring on them as well, I think they'd both look killer with some really good cel shading. But I am broke and I fail at digital color.

Anyhow! I'm really very pleased with these. It's been a loooooooooooooooong time since I've done any art that wasn't pretty quick and dirty, and these came out really well. I hope you all like them too. :)

P.S. I have to thank Nambroth again for the wing tutorial and for the amazing inking that inspired me to try to improve my own inking skills.
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