January 28th, 2009


I am victorious!

My gallery no longer completely sucks! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Now I just have to defeat the batch upload, so I can move all the non-fursuit stuff out of the fursuit gallery into a secondary gallery elsewhere.

And maybe see about getting a shopping cart going for the sales gallery.... that would be made of awesome, but I've never done shopping carts in any form before.

Update: Batch upload one, all the old art from topcities, has been completed. Next, transferring FA, DA, and sparkcostumes gallery art. Then uploading misc. art from my computer. Final step, scanning in/photographing large art.

Hrm. Oops!

Well, it looks like re-arranging my galleries is going to break a lot of images here on livejournal. Sorry! The fursuit and plush stuff will still be the same, but a lot of the other art just moved. If anybody is looking for an image that no longer shows up, feel free to ask where it went!

New gallery is live

The art gallery is now up.

Photo gallery is still being worked on.

Fursuit gallery is the same as always, but I removed the non-fursuit art sections.


Also, holy FLIP do I have a lot of art. 841 files. Of course most of the sculptural stuff has multiple files for a single piece, but still! That's a lot of art. And doesn't include most of my really big art, because I've never scanned that stuff in, it was too much work. That's my next project. :)