January 30th, 2009


Burn out

I am posting this mostly just to let my customers waiting on things due in January and Febuary what's up. I have burnt out. I haven't had a real vacation in far too long, and it's to the point where getting up in the morning depresses me, because the thought of having to pick up a project and sew makes me want to just crawl back into bed. I've been trying to mix things up by doing some drawing and some other stuff, but the fact of the matter is that I'm burnt out and I need a break.

I apologize sincerely to everyone who is patiently waiting for their commissions. I realize that I'm already a couple of weeks behind and this will only make it worse, but it's reached the point where I'm afraid that if I just try to keep working, I'm going to be doing shoddy work, and I'd rather take the time to take a break and re-charge than deliver sub-par work to people.

I'm only taking one week off, so I'll be back on track next Friday. Hopefully everyone can wait just one week more. :)

And thank you all. I really do appreciate how patient my customers are with me.
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More prints

Sorry about the line down the middle. I had to scan it in two pieces, and I had a hard time getting rid of it.

Also for sale at $10 each. They're the same size as the previous. :) I have one of the two-color (red and black) and four of the black and white. I don't even have the plate for this guy anymore.