February 3rd, 2009


Dinosaur book

I'm considering shelling out a little bit on a really good Dinosaur reference book. Unfortunately it's proving very hard to find what I want, mostly because there are too many books out there, and without seeing one in person and leafing through I can't usually tell if it has what I really want.

What I want, first and foremost, is illustrations that show the skeleton, then the muscles, and then the whole animal. I feel as though such pictures have to exist somewhere, given how much of paleontology is looking at bones and figuring out how muscles attach to them. So illustrations like that of more than one different animal, are what I really want.

Other things that would be bonuses:

-Good art quality. A lot of dino artists aren't really all that great, frankly. If every single drawing is a static side shot... that's pretty boring.
-Wide species variety. It doesn't have to be just dinosauria, I'm interested in other prehistoric critters as well, but all dinos or not, I'd like lots of different species.
-Up to date. I know this one is tough, especially if you're going to have good art, but at least showing things like the feathers on Velociraptor would be really great.

Anybody have any suggestions, or know where I should be looking to find a good reference book?