April 10th, 2009



I have met yet another bigoted, ignorant prick who thinks that furries are sexual deviants, and was expressing his disgust at the very idea.

I am so freaking sick of this. I have no words to express how sick I am of this. I am sick of being called "furfag." I am sick of the hateful speech, I am sick of the jokes. I am sick of the assumptions. I am sick, sick, sick, sick, sick of people assuming things about my sex life, and going on about how disgusting people like me are. I am sick to DEATH of it. And every year it's worse than the year before, and I know the reason why. It's because Something Awful and their goons are actively perpetuating the stereotype of disgusting furry sex. It's become a nasty, unwholesome, bigoted, hateful internet meme that won't go away.

But screw them. I am not going to hide, or say I'm not a furry. I used to say that it was absurd to treat furry like being gay, that you didn't need to be in the closet, that nobody would be disgusted, that nobody would even care if you "came out" but you know? Thanks to those raging bigots that's no longer true. They've made it so that we have to deal with the same stupid assumptions, the same sexual accusations, the same hatred and spitting on that gay people have to deal with, and that's not right. Nobody should be spit on just for being part of a fandom. And frankly even if it was sexual, nobody should be spit on for their sexual preferences either.

So you wonder why I hate SA and goons? That's why. They've caused me to be treated like I'm some kind of sub-human, disgusting thing just for being who I am and liking the art and stories and costumes that I like.

If anybody's going to be "yiffing in hell" it's THEM, not me. Them and the ignorant, thoughtless pricks that believe them and buy into their hate.
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