April 23rd, 2009


Happy IPSTP Day!

Happy International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day!

If you don't know what a pixel-stained technopeasant is, this is how it all started.

I'm quite happy to be among the ranks of those who are willing to share their writing. I'm not sure if it really qualifies as professional level. I've been told so by many people but I've never actually tried to publish any of it. Still, I want to join the party, so here I am.

Sadly I don't have anything completely new that's fit to post yet, other than Blood and Fire, and I kind of don't want to skip ahead and post the whole thing, even if it is a really cool holiday.

But I will, for your enjoyment, post, in a handy format, everything I do have available for your reading pleasure.

Night Shift. For those who want to start with something short and easy. This is a story that sprung from my experience working the night shift in a large office building that was largely deserted after 5pm. And from my obsession with vampires.

Son of the Cat. A slightly longer short story in a fantasy setting involving magic, slavery, vampires, and the relationship between a father and son.

Blood Choice. Vampires again! This my my novella, set in a near-future setting where vampires have pretty much destroyed civilization. I'm linking you to part one of four. There's a link to part two at the bottom of the page, and so on.

Dragon Child. This is the one that everybody tells me I need to publish. Someday, maybe. It is a young adult novella about a dragon raised by humans and how she finds her place in the world.

And of course there is the current, continuing saga of Blood and Fire, and the various Rhiannon Famaily spin-offs from that universe, currently being published, one page a day on my main writing site.

If that's not enough to read, or if you'd like some more variety, you can check out the IPSTP livejournal community where a great many things will be posted over the next day or so. And of course there's also always the Baen Free Library, where they were giving away books before all the cool kids started doing it.