May 4th, 2009


Aloe Vera plants for trade/sale.

I finally went and picked off all the viable shoots from my aloe vera plant. The mother plant is pretty thoroughly dead now, I'm sure. But I have ten small starts, and one big one that I'm keeping.

Aloe Vera, if you're not familiar with it, is a very interesting plant. It's great for burn treatment, sunburns, rashes, itches, etc. It's also apparently edible (if you have cats, they'll eat it and throw it up though.) And supposedly good for tons of other medicinal stuff that I can't vouch for, but I've treated sunburn and burns and rashes with it before.

Anyhow. This particular aloe plant was a start that came from my mother's giant aloe (this thing was two feet tall, in a huge bucket. We kept it outside, though you can't do that in a damp climate, rain is bad for it.) My mother got hers as a start from her grandmother, so it's been in my family for four generations.

This is because it's pretty much impossible to kill except by over-watering. And even that this plant has lived through, when I forgot it on a doorstep for a month during the spring rain here in Oregon. Though that came closer to killing it than most things. It's gone without water for six months and lived. It's been in the same pot for 15 years with no new soil and lived. It was eaten nearly entirely on more than one occasion by my cats and lived. It's seriously impossible to kill this stuff. So it's an ideal houseplant. Unless you overwater it for a very lengthy period of time it's going to live through anything and everything. And when it's properly cared for it's vigorous, and beautiful. (I can provide ideal care tips if you'd like.) In very bright sunlight it will go kind of purple, but indoors it's a nice green, as shown in the photos I've got. It's only suitable outside in very dry climates, and it doesn't tolerate freezing, but does will enough in cool temperatures and thrives in heat.

What I have here is ten "pups" or starts, small plants that were splitting off from the parent plant. None of them have roots yet. I can send one to you as is, and you can root it and plant it yourself, (I can provide instructions) or if you want to wait another couple of weeks I can wait until they have roots and I can pot it in a little plastic pot and send it like that, you just have to set it in a sunny windowsill and leave it alone until it's big enough to need repotting. That will cost a bit more, just because the pot and soil are heavier to mail.

I'd prefer to trade these, but I realize that most people reading this don't have what I want, which is carnivorous plants or lithops or other unusual succulents. If you can get such readily where you live (I can't seem to, and can't afford 'em anyhow) then it may be a good deal, I'll happily pay for shipping on both my plant and yours. Though honestly any place that has lithops or carnivores is probably going to have some species of aloe. They're common, I won't deny it. But none of them come with the epic genealogy of these little guys!

Anyhow. I'd prefer to trade, but I'd consider selling as well. Let me know if you're interested. I'm not sure what a fair price would be. Make me an offer? If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

TL;DR version: I have aloes, I want lithops, carnivorous plants, or unusual succulents, and might also sell for money. Make me an offer!
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