July 24th, 2009


Thingy needs a name.

If you were a settler on an alien planet, and one day you came around the corner and ran into this thing, what would you call it? It seems smart for an animal, but shows no sign of actually being sentient, so it doesn't have a name for itself. It's scaly over most of the body, but has tufts of feathers on the head, and of course the wings and tail are feathered.

I can't come up with a decent name for this thing. Normally I name alien races random made-up names that sound good, Threoa, Prrali, Ssifith, Dansk, etc. But people finding new animal species usually name them descriptively, it seems, only nothing's really coming to mind. Dino-birds maybe... that's the best I can do, so suggestions are welcome.

(Oh, for scale, a human male would come up to his chin, roughly. So he's big but not completely enormous. I think this is a male, I haven't quite finished designing the species.)