August 26th, 2009


Small things

Just packaged to ship tomorrow morning:

2 standard fox tails
1 grey tipped fox tail
1 cheetah tail
Teal fur fabric

Scheduled to be made during this coming week:

Peacock tail (almost done)
Brown platypus loonakit
White platypus loonakit
Golden retriever tail and ear set

If you've commissioned a tail, ears, or a Loonakit and you don't see anything in the above lists that looks like your project, you should probably drop me a line. :) I'm pretty sure I have everybody, but I've been known to lose track of things sometimes.

Other things I hope to get done before the wedding:
New horns for Zuranna
Lion repairs
White canine head and paws
Some progress on husky quad, green skunk, and maybe vinyl fox
Cheetah suit design

Dunno how much of that'll be finished

I have a HEAP of things to finish before Halloween, and a serious stack to do by the end of the year, probably more than I can actually get done. I hate being this far behind, which is why I'm not taking new commissions. Hopefully the three week break for the wedding will be enough time off to get me over my current burn out. :P

In any case, thanks to all my current customers, everyone I have right now has been wonderfully patient with me, which I appreciate immensely.