September 4th, 2009


Commissions closed

Tl:dr version, all commissions are closed until October 1st. Getting hitched!

So the wedding is next week, holy crap! This weekend there are a lot of things to do to prepare, and on Tuesday our out of town guests start arriving, so I'm going to be far too busy to be able to get any sewing done. Then there's the honeymoon, when I definitely won't be working, so the next time I'll have a chance to sew is after we get back, on October 1st.

All new commissions, small and large, are closed until that time. Sorry! If you want to get something for Halloween, do *please* contact me on October 1st, or as soon after that date as you can, past October 7th I won't be able to take any Halloween commissions at all, so you only have one week to place Halloween orders.

All large commissions for Halloween are full, so this is just for ears, tails, Loonakits, and other small items. I will be taking down payments on new large commissions in October, for completion in early 2010, if you're interested in a full suit, head, large plush, etc. More info about how my commissions process works can be found here:

Thanks everyone!

And a *huge* thank you to my current customers, who have been very patient with my taking forever, being late, and general pre-wedding flailing about. You guys are great.