October 18th, 2009


Spring dragons

A little side project here. :) I used to call these elemental dragons, and I have no idea why. Seriously whut. They're seasonal dragons. :D They come from one of my stories, loosely inspired by Brian Aldiss's Helliconia books. On their world a year lasts for several hundred of our years, and seasonal changes are rather drastic. They are always born in the spring, in these cute, wingless forms, in fairly large clutches. As the seasons progress they change form several times, finally reaching their last, fully adult form at the end of their first year.

I've sketched out the summer juvenile, and I plan on drawing the fall and winter adult forms as well, eventually. :)

You can read the story they're from here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2000817/

Oh and just for fun here's the original illustration that this one replaced:

More dragons

Another seasonal dragon, this is the summer, juvenile form. :)

Here's the old version:

Comments and feedback are quite welcome. Though less useful on the old one than on the new. XD