November 1st, 2009



You know, I'm really pleased with how my art abilities have improved recently. I've made several large steps foward. I'm still drawing dragons though. I can't picture that ever changing, really.

This is a hexapedal dragon, aka a hexagon. :D It's going to be rather brightly colored, I think. This drawing is just to show how they look.

Here's an actual posed pic. :) I'll see if I can get it inked tonight, though I have some more sewing to do too, so I may not.

Oh look, another hexagon

I did indeed get my sewing done in time to also do some inking. :D

For the sci-fi book geeks among you, these were loosely inspired by treecats. Which shows here.

I think they're going to be like tree frogs, absurdly brightly colored. I'll have to experiment a bit.

Yay dragon

I may be doing a coloring book. :D Of dragons. So expect to see a lot of dragons from me in the coming weeks, especially on Sundays, which are my day off from sewing most of the time.

This guy goes with the previous seasonal dragons. He is the fall form, which is the adult male. The males battle for the right to mates, which is why he's all "Rawr!"