November 27th, 2009


Plush dump

I have four plushes, made this month. This is plush month, as I have at least one more to make in the next few days.

Three of the four were made from the same pattern, which I tweaked as I went along. The black, green and grey guy was first, the purple, black and white was last. I don't know if anybody else can tell that, but I sure can. I think that a fourth iteration would have perfected the pattern... but I only had three ordered. :( Anybody want to commission a plush? They're $100 for these relatively small ones, assuming your markings are fairly basic. Sadly I don't think I can squeeze one in before Christmas, I've got too much on my plate, but I could get one done in January, I think. For Valentine's maybe?

Then I did a teddy-bear style lion of confusing gender. :D She's a girl, but has a mane anyhow. I tried to give her girly eyes.

Here's the pics:

Lots more pictures of these guys here: