December 10th, 2009


Art contest results

Well, it's over.

Honestly while the entires I did get were wonderful, there were just two of them. That's... pathetic. Doubt I'll ever do this again.

That said, THANK YOU so much to JT and Slipstream, who both sent such wonderful pictures that it was very hard to choose between them. In the end I just had to go with JT's. A lot of work was obviously put into both, and they're both terrific pictures, but hers is just adorable, how can I resist?

JT's entry:

So JT, you get either a tail and ear set, or a pair of Loonakits. :) Let me know what you'd like.

And our very close second place, Slipstream's entry:

You get a tail, or a Loonakit. Let me know what you want.

Many thanks to you both!