December 12th, 2009


December discount

I don't believe in emergency sales, but I do believe in occasionally offering incentives. So I'm offering a small discount for the holidays. If you make your down payment during December, I'll give you $50 off a head, $100 off a full or partial suit, and $200 off a quad suit.

(This means that with the discount, heads are $500, partials $800, full suits $1,200 and quad suits $2,000.)

The down payment is 30% of the total price, and can be paid with paypal, check, or money order. Suits commissioned now will be finished around April of 2010.

I suppose if you want to ask for a discount on paws, tails, etc. I could give a few bucks off of those too.

You can drop me a comment or e-mail if you're interested.