December 30th, 2009


Fuse bead sprites!

The new hobby is go. :D My gift card for Michael's has been spent, to purchase several base plates and a giant jar of beads. Sadly they didn't have any of the color theme assortments. I'd wanted to get a set of cool colors, and a set of warm colors, to do the fire/ice critters that are my eventual goal, and to do the test critters in the same colors. But no, instead I've got an absurd rainbow of a bajillion colors that still doesn't have enough different kinds of purple. :P Oh well! Once I've gotten bored with using what I have I'll probably go pick up some off of ebay.

Anyhow. Here's the result of my first two experiments in fuse bead sprites. A purple tabby, and a peacock.

I'll probably take commissions for these things if anybody's interested. Though I'm not sure how to price them. Probably in the $5 range for something like these two. Maybe $10 if I have to make the sprite itself too. (Which I'd probably have to do, because there are very few 29X29 pixel sprites out there, which is the size of the bead board I've got. So most sprites you'll find on the net are too big to do on a single board, and using more than one makes the whole thing a lot more difficult and thus more expensive to do.)