January 13th, 2010


Here's a worthy cause

Normally I don't pass posts asking for donations on, but in this case I'll definitely make an exception. Copied from Aurora, who posted plenty of good info.

Haiti is in dire straits right now. Port-au-Prince is nearly destroyed. Hospitals collapsed. Thousands trapped and maybe even over 100,000 dead.

For those of you wanting to do something, here's some links:

Daily Kos list of ways to help:

Another collection of ways to help:

Red Cross response:

Doctors Without Borders

help_haiti has been formed as a place for fandomers to help raise money to help in the rescues, recoveries and rebuilding of Haiti following the tragic earthquake on January 12, 2010. (quoting the community's profile page)

I donated myself through http://www.mercycorps.org/give/otherways simply because they take paypal, and that's where my money is right now.

Tails for sale.

Raising some monies. I made these back when I was planning on attending FC, but that's not happening. :P So anyhow, tails. Paypal preferred, check, money order, or cash at your own risk accepted. Shipping is $5 to the USA.

1. Arctic wolf

2. Curled canine

3. Chibi wolf (Or Max)

4. Orange tabby

5. Tiger

6. Gray wolf

7. Brown wolf

8. Fox