January 18th, 2010


More sprites

Working on my eevee evolution set. I think I'll do glaceon next. I want to do vaporeon, but I managed to be an idiot and not order enough white, so doing the FlameDog used it all up. :P Can't do jolteon either, though I might possibly have enough purple for espeon, and I'm pretty sure I can manage umbreon.

But actually next I'm going to do a couple of teeny tiny sprites, to experiment a bit with ironing. I'd hate to ruin something big. So some more little Zelda items and maybe a couple of slimes.

I want to order more beads, but I really can't justify it right now, not without a few more commissions to pay for it anyhow.


I wanted to test ironing temps, so I made a bunch of little sprites, so I wouldn't care if I ruined them. A couple did come out slightly odd, but none of them were ruined, I'd say. (One has a sideways pixel, and I'm not sure quite how that happened, but you can't really tell anyhow.)

If anybody wants to buy some pre-made sprites, I'm selling the slimes and all the Zelda stuff. Just inquire. The slimes are $1.50. The sword is $1, I'd have to go back and do pixel math to get prices on the previous ones, but they're not expensive, they're all little. I think the ring is $.50.