March 18th, 2010


More Madness

Anyone who is in any way interested in the Caverns of Madness shared universe project, whether as an author/artist or just somebody who might want to read and maybe toss in the occasional notion, I now have a forum, and a chat room open.

The forum can be found here:

The chat room is on irc, on in #madness

If you have any difficulty using the form or finding the chatroom, I'll be happy to help. I think I have all the bugs out of the forum, but it's the first time I've installed a BB from the ground up, so I may have missed something.


I really don't know whether to be pleased that I made art with meaning beyond "yay, pretty" or annoyed that this is so emo.

Also I have the urge to do it over in a slightly different style. :P Whatever.
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