April 9th, 2010


Super-rare items auction

I am getting out of Pokemon collecting. I've been out of Pokemon collecting for more than a year, honestly. All this stuff is just sitting in boxes, not being enjoyed. I figured somebody else should have the chance to own and enjoy these things. I have kept some of my favorite plushes, (and I still someday want to get all the eeveelution canvas!) but everything else is going.

Because it's been so long since I was involved in collecting, I have no idea what the current going value of any of this is. Rather than flailing about setting prices that are too high or too low, I'm having an auction. I will start everything at $1. Bid whatever price you think it's worth.

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Auction Rules
-Auction will end at 5pm pacific time on Saturday, Jan 12. No sniping, last minute bids will extend the auction by 15 minutes to give other bidders a chance to respond. (Here's a timer)
-Paypal only. Please pay within three days of the auction's end. If I do not have your payment by then, the next highest bidder will get it.
-This is an auction, but *not* a GA. You'll be responsible for the full price of your bid, plus shipping.
-I will calculate and charge exact shipping. However if your bid (or the total of all your bids) is over $20 I'll ship for free inside the USA. If your bid (or the total of all your bids) is over $50 I'll ship for free internationally as well.
-I ship USPS first class mail, without insurance, unless you specifically ask for something else.
-Everything here is used. Most of it has been used only by me, and as such is in mint or near mint condition. The following have flaws: Rapidash kids are all at least slightly scuffed, some more than others. Servine plush has a black discoloration on his side. It may wash off, it may not. There may also be other flaws I haven't noticed, I am not a "mint only" collector, so sometimes I miss things. If you're worried about the exact condition of a specific item, feel free to ask for more photos.
-All these sales are as-is, no returns. I'm selling these things because I'm getting out of Pokemon collecting. I don't want them back.

Sales permission acquired from denkimouse on May 17 2010.

Here's a handy link to my feedback.

P.S. I am also getting rid of my small collection of Littlest Pet Shop figures, see here: http://bladespark.livejournal.com/1448084.html

Auction is over! Everyone should have their bid totals. Thanks to you all. :)


Customs and art commissions! Image-heavy as always. :D

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For custom trades, I will make your item and show you a photo. You then ship your half to me. Once I receive it I ship your half to you. If you want to get your trade item faster, you can ship to me first, and I will ship to you immediately on completion.

Sales Rules
-Paypal preferred, check, money order, or cash at your own risk accepted.
-Customs must be at least 30% paid up front. The remainder can be paid up front as well, or upon completion of your item.
-I haggle. Feel free to make me an offer, especially if you're buying more than one thing.
-Shipping prices are not included. Large plushes are expensive to ship, so ask if you're concerned about shipping costs. No other fees apply. :)
-I ship USPS first class mail, without insurance, unless you specifically ask for something else.

If you want to commission/trade for a custom, just drop a comment here. You can also e-mail to spark.costumes@gmail.com