May 16th, 2010


Taking offers on my 1:1 Flareon plush

What the title says. :)

Offers start at $50, that's pretty much just enough to cover the materials. Shipping will be an additional $25 in the USA and $55 overseas. I'll be taking offers for the next five days, so you have until Thursday evening if you're interested. (It's basically like bidding on an auction, you offer more than the person before you offered, and whoever offers the most gets it.)

Please do not make an offer if you're not serious. I'm willing to be flexible about payments, as I realize that some people who are interested in this plush may not have the cash on hand to pay immediately. But if you make an offer and can't pay it in full up front, realize two things. 1. I will not ship the plush until it's completely paid for. And 2. if you start making payments and then change your mind and want to cancel your purchase, I will keep the money you've paid so far. I'm not doing that to try and take advantage of anybody, I'm doing that because I WILL NOT be able to refund anything. I'm selling this to raise money to buy Pokemon stuff for my collection, so the money you sent will have been spent, and I realy, really, really am not happy taking money out of my rent in order to refund somebody, so I'm just plain not going to do it.

But if you're serious about buying, then there's no problem at all, is there? :)

I accept paypal, check, and money order.

If you have any questions about this plush, feel free to ask them. It is a one of a kind plush, I will never make another exactly like it, and in fact I will only make one more even remotely like it, I'm destroying the pattern after the second plush (which is still significantly different and which I'm keeping for my personal collection) is complete.

Current offer: $215