June 24th, 2010


Sweet, sweet addiction

Because I need my pokemon fix for the day, (and nothing came in the mail *sadpanda*) I went and edited and updated my Giant Pokemon Post of Doom. A few new things for sale, info about customs, my collection photos, and also a much more detailed want list have all been aded.

Making the list makes me realize that if I do stick with collecting, and do end up eventually getting it all, I am a. going to have a TON of stuff, and b. going to have spent a TON of money on it. >.< Although I'm trying to trade for as much as possible. I've got potentially as many as eight pokedolls coming in trade. :D At least three, and four or five more that seem fairly likely. That makes me happy. And I hope to also manage to get a bunch of zukans the same way. I just lost out on getting a Rapidash Zukan that I really want, so I'm pretty sad about that right now. But on the other hand, I'd bid $61, which I now can go spend on other stuff.

Anyhow, I'm rambling now, but however my collecting comes out, I suspect it's going to be pretty darn epic. Maybe not quite as epic as my peak Windstone collection, but epic all the same.

Now if my canvas plush, beads for sprites, and fabric for pokemon plush would just COME already! *eyes the mail*

But speaking of sweet things, I'm hungry. Time for food, and more sipping chocolate for desert. :D