July 5th, 2010



I'm going to be selling plush, tails, ears, etc. at a local Saturday market. I figure mostly I'll bring Loonakits, but Loonakits run $20 a pop, give or take a bit. I suspect they will sell, but there's going to be a lot of people who have <$5 on them and would buy something if I just had something cheaper.

But honestly... what on earth can I make from fabric that would be worth selling at that price? I'm completely drawing a blank. Loonakits are about as simple as it gets. Any ideas out there?

I'm a genius!

Meet the solution to my price point problems. XD I'm calling them Finger Fuzzies. (It sounds vaguely dirty, but honestly any name with "finger" in it sounds vaguely dirty, so eh.) Their materials cost is very low, since I'm using scraps I'd otherwise throw away as useless, so the only actual cost is the fleece liner, the tiny pinch of stuffing that goes in them, and the eyes and nose. Probably less than a buck total. They take around 20 minutes to cut and sew one, so if I sell 'em for $5 each, that's a respectable hourly wage for making them.


And of course for the furry market I can add itty bitty ears and teeny tiny tails, to customize them to people's characters.