July 28th, 2010


In soooooooooooooooooooomnia

Can't sleep. Gah. I'm not even TIRED at all which is absurd. Helloooooooooooooooooooo. I got 7 hours of sleep last night and took a 1 hour nap. I should be totally ready to sleep a normal amount tonight, but no.

Ah well.

Sitting here pondering pokemon plushes some more. I would *love* to do a truly epic scale pokemon plush. Life size Arcanine, anybody? Life sized Rapidash maybe, with hard fittings so you could ride it? Life size Dragonair to coil up on your bed? Or how about a life size Charizard? He's not actually that big, I could totally make him! So many ideas. But they're all just too time consuming to do for myself, plus where would I keep them? I'm barely going to have room for the life size Flareon when it's finally done!

So I'd have to get somebody to commission one, in order to do one. Which even leaving aside copyright (which I could for something that epic!) would still have all sorts of problems. For one thing, cost. I mean... we're talking things that are significantly bigger than quad suits! Would anybody commission a plush that's going to have to cost $2-3k? (Well, Dragonair might be less, he's basically just a tube, even if he's a really big tube.) Collectors are crazy, yes, but that's pushing it a bit! It's not like a suit that you can *do* something with, you can't lug a six foot tall Arcanine plush around a convention! And that's just the beginning. Because how on earth would I ship it? Okay, the Dragonair is skinny enough to coil up inside the biggest box I have, I think, if I really squish it. But the Arcanine... yikes. No way that's going in any box. I don't even know if I could get one in a refridgerator box! And if I could, it'd still be too big to ship via USPS or UPS or FedEX or whatever. It'd have to go freight. I've never shipped out freight, but I've gotten freight shipped in, and we're talking $500+ just for shipping. It'd be cheaper for anybody in the western US to drive over and pick it up. They'd just have to have a big car. You're not stuffing something like that in a Prius. (You'd need a van for the Rapidash, since it would be rigid. Or maybe a small U-haul!) The logistics are absurd. And it'd take a LOT of time to make. More than a full suit. More than a quad, even. So a loooooooooooooooooong wait for it, which I guess collectors are used to but...

I dunno. I really like the idea, but would I get any takers? I have no idea!

I'd sleep on it, if I could sleep. :P Tomorrow is going to be fun. Zonked out of my mind while trying to deal with birds, whee.

Edit: making this public just because I decided to not post it to the pkmncollectors community, and instead just tacked a link to it onto my last post there.