August 16th, 2010


Commission progress update

Hi folks.

As I've mentioned before, I had some struggles this past year or so with depression and other personal life problems. The worst of that is past, thankfully, though I still have a few issues. (Don't we all?) I'm finally catching up, but during that period I got a pretty scary backlog going. Anybody who's looked at my site lately may notice that stuff I was supposed to do in May is still sitting there, not finished. I have been treating projects with a hard deadline (ie. a convention, birthday, or other important date they're needed for) as my first priority, and I'll continue to do so, so hopefully I won't miss too many deadlines, but the soft deadline stuff is still pretty much anybody's guess when it'll get done. So do please let me know if there's an event you need your item for.

I've updated my page at with medium projects, such as hands, small plushes, and so on, so people can now see when their ETAs are for things like that. :) Small projects still don't get listed, I have too many and they go by too fast to keep things updated on the site.

Most trades are also not listed.

None of you should hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the status of your projets, whether they be commssions or trades, small or large. So long as you're not harassing me on a daiily basis I don't mind giving progress updates, though I'll be honest and say a lot of the time the only update I've got to give is "still not done."

In any case, things probably aren't nearly as dire as all that makes them sound. I'm steadily making progress on the stuff that should get done this month, and hopefully will soon be at least mostly caught up.