September 10th, 2010


Random rocks

I'm selling the above pictured rocks. :) Most are second-quality pieces, mostly made in China. But still decent mineral examples and fairly pretty too. I just got better ones now, is all. :D They are mostly 60mm/2" spheres.

Labradorite wand/rod/whatever the heck it is $2 Has several small patches of flash

Oregon Opal geode, double window (what does it mean?!) $5
(the nicest piece here, not second quality at all, and cut locally.)

Ruby in matrix sphere $2

Iolite in matrix sphere $2

Tiger's eye sphere $2

Labradorite sphere $2 Has actually a big, nice flash, but is also full of cracks and flaws.

Pietersite sphere $3 Only a few small areas of flash, but they're very pretty areas, and the non-flash areas are fairly attractive as well.

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Shipping shouldn't be too bad, but they are stones, so they're not light. Some of them might be a bit more to ship than the stone itself. Part of why I priced 'em so low.