September 16th, 2010



Just finished inking this:

Will color it eventually, I'm sure. :)

Taking tonight off from sewing (soooooooooooooooo sick of sewing right now) and drawing instead. I haven't had a "me" day in a while, so I might as well have something at least close, and do what I feel like doing.

So I've got 1 commission slot for a finished piece. Colored, inked line art is $20 base price. Full price list is here:

Taking two slots for $1 inked sketches. Quality will be something like these:

Any species, any subject matter. I specialize in weird stuff. I suck at porn. If you tell me I can draw anything I want, you're getting jellyfish. :D

P.S. I am wearing fuzzy Pikachu slippers. This gives me a happy. If nobody commissions me it will give me a sad. I guess they will balance out. I'd better go squish my Derpemons so I can has more happy.


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2. Phoenixreuqiem



It's halfway through September and that means that if you want a tail or ears for Halloween, you need to order NOW.

All Halloween orders need to be placed and paid for by October 7th!