September 22nd, 2010



Some way overdue sprites. They took forever, because I had to re-size them. Which I'm really proud of how they came out, but I'm never doing it again, augh. Cutting down an 80X80 to a 30X30 is... not fun. But venusaur in particular came out so nice that I'm glad I did it this time. Just never doing it again.



Two months running I've had the good old Mormon missionaries knock on my door, and both times they were just knocking around the neighborhood (I almost wrote "knocking up the neighborhood" but that would be kind of wrong!) the way they do, and had no idea that a church member lived there. :D They need to update their map, or something. When I did the missionary thing we had all the local members marked on ours.

On the subjection of missionarying, btw, (and why I'm posting this public) I figured I should let folks know, that if you've ever been curious about what's in this "Mormon Bible" aka. The Book of Mormon, that I can get free copies and would be happy to mail them out to anybody who wants one. :) I can get free Bibles as well (King James version) but I figure the Gideons have that front mostly covered these days. Although they saddened me by switching from the King James to a modern translation. :( None of the modern versions have the poetry of the King James, imho.

Anyhow. There you go. If you want a free Book of Mormon, lemme know. I can ship you one personally, or I can put you into the "referral" system that will have your local missionaries come knock on your door and deliver it.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled plush/art posting.

Resin Friesian

Probably not of interest to most of you, but I've decided to sell my resin friesian. I'm taking offers for the next two weeks, starting at $175.

It's by Candace Liddy, a really amazing sculptor, and has a base coat in the correct colors but hasn't actually been painted.