September 28th, 2010



I actually made this thing from start to finish today. Considering how my days have been lately, that's a gigantic accomplishment. :) Hopefully I'll get as much done tomorrow.

Anyhow. Tail! A redtailed hawk tail, even. :D I love doing avian tails, although they are a TON of work. (This means, btw, that yes they're expensive. Sorry!)

Tomorrow's goal is to finish some handpaws.

*dies of cute*

This came in the mail today. :D It's a Pokemon Time Charmander plush, and not only is it weapons-grade cute, the mouth opens with a little spring hinge and it can bite things! Eeeeeeee! So cute!

Collapse )

Best. Plush. Ever. Now the sad thing is this means I need to find the other two! There's a Bulbasaur and a Squirtle. They are equally cute, but even more rare. (You don't want to know what I paid for this. Srsly.)

Also, speaking of paying for things, brand new Pokemon sales post up! With lowered prices and lots of new plush!

(X-posted to my lj/pkmcollectors, because the cute must be shared.)